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"Many of you have different ideas of what "mod" music is. To many of us it's early/mid 60's soul/r&b/blues/ska sounds. To others it's '79 mod revival or ska. To me it's also been mid 60's British stuff played by cool dressed guys (and gals) who had one foot in the soul/r&b stream and another on the power pop/freakbeat side, all equal fans of both The Who and The Small Faces. "Jump And Dance" by The Carnaby completely exemplifies "mod" music for me in the mid 60's British sense. "


- Anorak Thing (Blogsite)

"45 years on, the original Carnaby band has now reformed, had their own studio built ( lovingly called "Shabbey Road") and are now recording tracks written in the 60's but never recorded at the time, and also new tracks in the unique 60's mod style.

At long last, via The Carnaby,  new generations will be able to experience the explosive energy of the London 60's mod era radiating at that time from Carnaby Street and the London mod scene.     Bring it on !"


- Chris Fosbrook (Presenter for The )


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